Window cleaning myths debunked

Window cleaning myths debunked

  • Posted. 31 March 2021
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Struggling to get your windows streak-free? We’ve all been there. Sometimes you can be scrubbing, wiping, and buffing for hours and still end up with windows that look worse than before. Even if you’ve recently replaced your windows and invested in double glazing, you might find yourself resorting to old wives’ tales in an attempt to get that shine.

As window experts, we’ve heard our fair share of window cleaning folklore over the years. Want to make your windows as clear and bright as possible? We’ve written this article to debunk some common window cleaning myths. Read on and you’ll be on your way to having the shiny, streak-free glass of your dreams. 

If your windows still fail to ‘look clean’ then they may need replacing. See our range of window styles or contact us for a quick chat about your options.

Window cleaning myths

Ready to face the (window cleaning) facts? Let’s get into it…

Polish your windows with newspaper

Ever heard this advice? 

While this used to be a good DIY trick to getting streak-free windows, things have changed. The quality of newspapers has diminished over the years, and thanks to the cost-cutting attempts of struggling media outlets, they’re now printed on cheap, thin paper.

Instead of being the effective polishing rag they once were, they now tear and crumble when wet. To make matters worse, the water will make the ink run. So unless you want smudges on your windows, save your old newspapers for other DIY projects such as environmentally-friendly wrapping. 

What’s a better alternative? Just use a microfibre cleaning cloth — it’ll work much better!

Dirty windows aren’t a problem


Lots of people will tell you that dirty windows aren’t a problem, that you can barely notice when they’re clean or not, and that what the window cleaner can’t sort isn’t worth your time. 

Still, we think that dirty windows do stand out and can ruin the otherwise beautiful exterior of your property (even if visitors will never say so).

While you might not care what other people think about your windows (which is fair enough), the key person who will benefit from your clean windows is you. That’s right. You’re going to be the one spending lots of time looking out of them. And if you don’t want to be peering through a layer of grime every time you go to enjoy the view, you’ll need to clean them.

Plus, dirty windows can obstruct light from entering your home. If you want a bright and airy space, clean windows could make all the difference!

Water and vinegar is all you need

Ask anyone for a DIY window cleaner recipe and there’s a high chance they’ll name just two ingredients — water and vinegar. This traditional household concoction has a long-standing reputation as a miracle cleaning cure. Seeing as it’s so cheap and (relatively) effective, we can certainly understand the appeal.

What’s the catch? If you look carefully, you’ll see that a water and vinegar solution just moves dirt around the glass rather than removing it. It might make your windows look cleaner for a short while, but you’ll soon notice dirt collecting in the corners of your panes if this is all you use to clean them.

If you’re looking for a budget cleaner recipe, try a washing up liquid and water combination instead. Just a few drops of washing up liquid in a bucket of warm water will create an effective cleaner with enough power to make your windows sparkle.

Fine spending some cash? Shop-bought winder cleaners have been carefully designed for the task at hand, so it’s no wonder they tend to be highly effective. Most solutions will even contain dirt-removing chemicals to give your panes a thoroughly deep clean.

Hot water cleans windows better

There’s some truth to this one. Warm water speeds up the chemical reactions that break down dirt, so it can be more effective at cleaning than cold water.

You just need to make sure your water is no hotter than lukewarm. Why? Hot water evaporates quickly, which will give your cleaning agent less time to do its job. Not only is it frustrating when this happens, but it can also make you second guess the effectiveness of your cleaner.

Rain makes windows dirty

We can confidently say that this one is false.

Rain is pure, clean water. And unless you live somewhere affected by heavy air pollution, this will be the case wherever you are. While rainwater can make pre-existing dirt more visible, heavy rain will always help wash away window dirt to some extent.

Clean your windows on a hot day

While it might be tempting to clean your windows on a hot day (after all, who wants to stand out in the cold?) it’s not the best thing for your windows.

Glass is a conductor so when it’s hot outside, your panes will be hot too. Why does this matter? Your cleaning solution will evaporate too fast to work sufficiently, which can even cause streaks. Resist the urge to ‘seize the good weather’ and get cleaning on a moderately warm, cloudy day.

How much does a window cleaner cost?

While cleaning your own windows is always going to be the cheaper option, if your panes need a deep clean or you live in a multi-story property, you’ll need a professional window cleaner.

Window cleaning prices start at around £30, which covers your cleaner’s time and all their window cleaning kit. Of course, the size of your home and windows and whether you have a conservatory will influence the cost. But unless you live in a stately home, the price should still be reasonable.

Self-cleaning windows

In our opinion, this is the best type of window cleaning. Why? Because you don’t actually need to do anything yourself (apart from installing the glass in the first place). This glass contains a layer of self-cleaning film which is capable of removing most of the dirt that collects on your windows.
It’s a great solution for hard to reach conservatory roofs or skylights, so contact us to learn more.

New Windows

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