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Create a warm, bright living space with real style

Allow us to inspire you

When it comes to conservatories by New Windows, there’s no shortage of choice. You’ll get to pick the design (contemporary or traditional), shape (straight edges or curved), size, materials, doors, ceilings, decorative detail and more.

Too many options? No problem. Sometimes we all need a little help in making big decisions, and this is where the expertise of your team at New Windows really shines through. We’ll take the design journey alongside you, encouraging your creativity while offering advice at every step.


We know you like to watch your finances

That’s why we’ve developed a suite of flexible payment options to suit every budget. We’re here to discuss the options with you – we’re confident we’ll have a deal to suit you.

Let your old-school conservatory smoulder again

Perhaps a gorgeous tiled roof is all it will take
…with our stunning tiled roof

Desperate to pull down your old conservatory and start again? Not so fast! We know a great trick for injecting new life into installations from yesteryear, restoring them to their youthful prime. It’s called a tiled roof.

A tiled roof will transform your extension. The vaulted ceiling will create a sense of height and permanence, boosting the ‘flow’ between your conservatory and the rest of your home. Don’t worry, the tiles don’t need to make the space dark. We’ll add roof windows to keep the space bright year-round.